I Have the Winter Blues (SAD). Now What?

The days are shorter, the sky is darker, the air is colder, and… Have you noticed a significant decline in your mental health? Do you lack energy and feel “heavy”? Have you noticed an increase in your appetite and weight? Maybe an increase in craving sweets or starches? Are you oversleeping and possibly more irritable and emotionally sensitive? It’s not a coincidence. You may … [Read more...]

Seven Spiritual Strategies to Succeed in Life

Many of us find ourselves at a point in life where we wander mindlessly through day-to-day living, reacting to events as they present themselves to us, but never really taking charge of our direction and purpose. Karl Albrecht, PhD (physicist, military intelligence officer, management consultant and author of 20+ books) suggests that there are seven key principles, or … [Read more...]

Mood and Decor – How Neuroarchitecture Can Lift Your Spirits

Have you ever walked into a room and feel like you belong there? The paint color on the wall, the patterns on the furniture, and the accents on the tables just seem to speak to you and make you feel at home? The design, decor and even the light and noise levels all evoke a response in a person and set a mood. The study of these responses is a fairly recent science called … [Read more...]

Want More Success In Your Life? Have Hope.

Some unknown author once penned, “When the world says ‘Give Up’, Hope whispers, ‘Try One More Time’.” No truer words were put to paper. Research over the past 30 years has shown that hope, not skill mastery or optimism or grit, is the most important determinant of success. Ability and skill mastery are important, but the psychological vehicles are what actually get you to where … [Read more...]

Can a Game Train Your Brain?

As our population ages, memory issues and diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s become a growing concern. No one wants to grow old only to face a brain in decline and an inability to remember or partake in day-to-day functioning. Enter in a fairly recent phenomena called “brain training” apps. Brain training apps are programs, similar to video games, which focus on … [Read more...]

Omar Mateen and the Truth About Bipolar Disorder

During the aftermath of the Orlando shooting tragedy, the news media reported that Omar Mateen, the shooter, had been labeled as bipolar by his ex-wife, Sitora Yusify. She told reporters, “A few months after we were married, I saw his instability and I saw that he was bipolar and he would get mad out of nowhere. He was mentally unstable and mentally ill.” But was the … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Fear: How to Find Peace Amidst Chaos in the World

Everyday we are confronted with more violence in the world: terrorism, shootings, war, bombings and a seemingly inexhaustible list of other fear-inducing affronts to society and our own local neighborhoods. We watch it on T.V. We read about it in our Facebook feed. We hear about it on the radio when our music is interrupted by a news alert. Someone, somewhere has committed … [Read more...]

Broken Heart Syndrome: Stress and the Breakdown of the Heart

Over the course of a lifetime, most people will know of someone who has “died of a broken heart.” We use this expression to describe the painful loss of love or a traumatic separation in someone’s life which leads to the decline of a person’s health to the point where they no longer have the will to go on living. For many people who end up in the E.R. thinking they are … [Read more...]

Five Aromatic Herbs That Influence Mood and Memory

Aromatic herbs have been used for therapeutic purposes for nearly 6,000 years and are known to affect mood, memory, and healing. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese used aromatic herbs in drugs, cosmetics and perfumes to promote well-being and hygiene. Today, using aromatic herbs in modern society has seen a resurgence through aromatherapy, or the use of … [Read more...]

8 Signs for Spotting a Narcissist

Stories abound of unsuspecting souls, both men and women, who enter into relationships with Mr. or Miss Right, only to find that the luster wears off after a short time and a game of emotional cat and mouse ensues. That polished Mr. or Miss Right, once exuding extreme levels of confidence, accommodation, and praise quickly turns to a tarnished Mr. or Miss Wrong laying blame, … [Read more...]

Canine Companions: Can They Be Good For Our Mental and Physical Health?

Jacqueline is a 72-year old woman suffering from Parkinson’s. Last year, her license was revoked and she was home-bound, causing her to fall into a deep depression. After several months of battling her morose mood, Jacqueline sought out the help of a psychiatrist. His recommendation? Get a dog. So, Jacqueline contacted a local animal shelter, which provided a low-cost … [Read more...]

The Scourge of Obesity: A Severe Decline in Memory Function

Nowadays everyone is barraged by newspapers and TV programs about the devastating effects of obesity on the human body: Type II diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, and inflammation of the joints. But did you know that obesity actually causes loss of brain matter and impairs memory function? That should be alarming news, especially since … [Read more...]

How Decision Making Affects Your Willpower and How to Avoid Making Careless Decisions

We have all been at that point in our lives: we have made a commitment to eat better, to exercise more, to lose weight or work towards that career goal, only to make an unhealthy and unproductive choice during the day and blow all of our hard work. Is it that we made poor choices because of a lack of willpower? New research is starting to reveal that willpower does not … [Read more...]

Identifying and Avoiding the Dark Side of Email

Email is a modern technology so embedded in our lives and culture that we think very little of the tremendous psychological impact it has on us. There are over 2.6 billion emails users worldwide, spending on average more than one full hour per day checking email. However, despite its widespread use and popularity as a communication tool, for some individuals it can be a major … [Read more...]

Kick the Habit: How to Stop Eating When You’re Not Hungry

Do you ever find yourself eating when you are not hungry? If you think about the cause of eating too much, or overeating, you might even label it as a bad habit. While that may not sound scientific, new research is showing that overeating may just indeed be a bad habit. Recently, researchers set out to determine how habits affect our eating behavior. Their focus was mainly … [Read more...]

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination means different things to different people. Many associate procrastination with being lazy or an inability to track time. However, procrastinators as a whole show no deficit in their ability to tell time or schedule things and many even accomplish large numbers of tasks, debunking the myth of being lazy. So what is procrastination? Simply put, … [Read more...]

Depression Under Cover: Is It Hiding in Your Life?

We have all seen the images of a person who is obviously depressed. You know the one: morose, emotional, dark and curled up in a corner with piles of used tissues lying about. Yea, that’s the one - classic depression right out of TV land. But what about the young man who is always smiling and tells jokes that leaves people crying with tears of laughter? Or the teenager … [Read more...]

From Mozart to Metallica: What Your Music Taste Says About Your Personality

Did you know that the type of music you listen to is closely linked to your personality? You might be saying to yourself right now, ”No kidding. Everyone knows that.” But did you know that researchers can now predict your personality type with surprising accuracy by knowing which music genres you listen to? Recent studies over the past five years have made great strides in … [Read more...]

Mean and Moody: Is Screen-Time Harming Children?

These days, its quite common to see a child or teen who is chronically irritable and prone to angry outbursts or, alternatively, one who is apathetic and depressed. Such chronically irritable kids are often in a state of abnormally high arousal, making them both agitated and exhausted. The likely culprit? Everyday use of electronics. Children who are exposed to several hours … [Read more...]

Is Dr. Google In The House? Cyberchondria – The New Digital Age Phenomenon

Have you done this? You have a symptom like an ongoing ache in your joints, or a persistent cough and some drainage, and you start to worry a little that something might be wrong. Instead of contacting your physician or that friend who is a nurse, you turn to your iPhone or your computer and ask Google to help you diagnose what is wrong. If this scenario sounds familiar to … [Read more...]

Understanding Attachment Styles – Key To Better Relationships

Understanding the attachment style of you and your partner or close friend is key to having a relationship that is rewarding and empowering. Attachment styles are the personality traits formed in childhood that stay with the person throughout their lifetime. These traits are the building blocks of our personalities: the behavioral, emotional, perceptual (the way you see things … [Read more...]

Coffee and Your Health: Panacea or Poison?

For years, the battles have raged on in the medical community over coffee and its purported detrimental effects on your health. Long considered a poison, coffee has been thought to cause high blood pressure (eventually contributing to heart disease), diabetes and ulcers. However, in recent years, the medical and mental health communities have shown coffee to actually have … [Read more...]

How a Small Smile Can Transform Your Life

We have all had those days. You know, the ones where everything is going wrong and the world just seems gray to us. On those days, our moods can be dour and it is very difficult to muster up a smile towards anyone or anything. But new research is showing that the best possible action you can take is to muster up that smile, even if it is just a half-smile. Two studies, one … [Read more...]

5 Ways to End a Relationship and 5 Ways to Deal with Heartbreak

Relationships can be tricky at the best of times and downright hard at the worst of times. When you have learned that your relationship has stalled and you feel stuck or that you are in a toxic relationship that is unhealthy and must end, it is time to make some changes. Making changes in a relationship like setting better boundaries, not accepting abusive or toxic behavior, … [Read more...]

Stressed Out? Calm Yourself With These 6 Foods

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Craving something sweet? That is your body’s natural response to the psychological and physiological demands that stress is producing inside you. Many of us reach for something sweet to eat when we are stressed because our bodies are craving carbohydrates, those wonderful dietary gems that trigger the body to produce serotonin. Serotonin, … [Read more...]