Couple’s Therapy: The Secret Sauce of the Happiest Couples, plus Four Helpful Ingredients

How do some couples keep going strong after decades and other couples just fizzle out and dissolve? Researchers have long tried to answer that question by attempting to find the individual characteristics that comprise a successful relationship. Many of these characteristics have revealed the ingredients to the relationship success sauce, but recent research has unveiled a … [Read more...]

For 2021: Add to Your Life, Don’t Subtract

Do not miss out on an opportunity for renewal and cleansing with the new year. A change of years is a good time to throw out the old and ring in the new. Get 2020, with all of its pandemic fear, election contention, economic woes, depression and anxiety, out of your emotions by washing away what was and usher in 2021 with all of its potential and new opportunities. The year … [Read more...]

Gratitude – an Attitude for a Healthier, Longer Life

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, its that time of year to focus on things that we are grateful for. Many of us gather with friends and family and show our appreciation that these people are in our lives. For one short day, feelings of gratitude abound and we feel better about our lives, that (hopefully) we are in some way cherished and thankful for all that has been … [Read more...]

Couples Therapy – Three Tips to Help Your Relationship Thrive

Like it or not, relationships experience conflicts and these conflicts generally fall into patterns. The goal of couples therapy is to change the negative patterns of relating you might have and help create the love you want. Couples therapy is a way to help you get there and has been found to be 75 percent effective in improving relationships. We’ve put together some tips … [Read more...]

Five Strategies for Quelling Anxiety in Anxious Times

For many of us, the state of the world today ramps up our anxiety. Worrisome questions start to form in our minds: Is it just a matter of time before I contract COVID-19? Will the right politicians be elected to office? Will our economy and my job survive the current global economic crisis? We are battered with these anxious thoughts and many others day in and day out, possibly … [Read more...]

Helping People Recover From a Crisis By Using Psychological First Aid

In the wake of the recent tropical storms and hurricanes that have ravaged the Panhandle, many of us have friends and family members who have been adversely affected by a disaster. We often move quickly to meet their needs for water, health care, and shelter but fall short when it comes to focusing on their psychological needs. Let’s face it: experiencing a disaster first … [Read more...]

The Key To A Happy Life Is All In The Equations – Three To Be Exact

It may seem a bit out of place to be discussing keys to a happy life in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, and economic upheaval. However, this may just be the perfect time to ponder pathways to happiness, especially since we may have a bit more personal time on our hands with working from home and social distancing. Arthur C. Brooks, professor of the Practice … [Read more...]

Diminishing the Risks of Developing Dementia or Diabetes: A Simple Solution

Believe it or not, dementia and diabetes have something in common. The risk of contracting one or the other (or both) increases significantly when we fail to do this consistently enough: sleep. Let’s face it - most of us do not get enough sleep. In fact, the American Sleep Association reports that 50-70 million US adults have some type of sleep disorder. Studies have shown … [Read more...]

Threat or Challenge? It Depends on How You Frame It

Everywhere you turn these days, the word “threat” practically slaps you in the face. Slowly emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the media and in our communities are still yelling threat, threat, threat and we become even more anxious and more stressed. Worries continue to arise when you step out of your front door: will this be the day you are exposed to the … [Read more...]

Strategies for Coping in Anxiety-Ridden Times

It is a frightening time: worldwide pandemic, entire cities under lock-down, soaring unemployment, and the threat to one’s safety and health are pushing up our anxiety levels. If you are a naturally calm person, you may have noticed an increased unrest or ill-at-ease feeling within you. If you already struggle with high anxiety, the added uncertainty brought about by this … [Read more...]