Your Family

In all our lives, each one of us faces challenges. Families are no exception to this. When working together as one, a family can emerge through problems happier and healthier than they were before issues arose.

Families come in many shapes and sizes:  two-parent families, single-parent families, blended families and families with grandparents at the helm. Family therapy focuses on the relationships within the family and requires that other family members be present. Depending on the issues involved, family therapy may be the primary focus of treatment or a supplement to individual therapy.  Some of the issues that family therapy can help resolve:

  • Blended Family Issues
  • Parenting Step-children
  • Step-sibling Conflicts
  • Co-parenting Issues
  • Lack of Structure and Organization Causing Stress / Chaos
  • Lack of Family Cohesiveness
  • Bond and Trust Issues Within the Family System
  • Separation of Military Family Members over Extended Periods of Time
  • Helping Children Adjust to Moving Locations
  • Divorce
  • Co-dependency Within the Family
  • Enabling of a Family Member’s Addiction

As children grow into adults, they can continue to nurture each other through their adult lives. The sibling relationship is the longest relationship most of us have in our lives. It is important to help cultivate a healthy, supportive environment in the family to make certain that the best opportunity for a healthy sibling relationship to be established. Sibling rivalry is normal. Sometimes though, problems between family members can be more than normal sibling rivalry. If you become concerned about the quality of interaction between family members, it is very helpful to have an experienced professional verify whether it is normal sibling rivalry or something more serious.

The professionals at Pattison are also experienced at working together with family members, such as siblings still living in the home and in many cases adult children and their parents. We also work with extended families such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and, in many cases, in-laws. A family systems approach in treatment can solve any family issues causing tension, chaos, and animosity between members, building and strengthening bonds lasting a lifetime.  Stronger bonds and a healthy family structure gives families peace of mind, especially military families during deployments.

At Pattison Professional Counseling and Mediation Center, our Family Therapy Counselors help families grow the tools necessary to triumph over challenges together. We can help foster and strengthen your relationships with one another and help you create a healthy, supportive family environment. A healthy family system with strong bonds and love between members is priceless.  Visit our Start Here page or call us today to schedule an appointment to start your family towards lasting unity, respect and love.