Military Personnel

Have you been at war, even war within yourself?  Often in a military career, the mental battle is not just the campaign at the front line, dealing with the anguish of friends being wounded or killed in front of your eyes and the gripping fear that you could be next. The battle within can be more subtle, like the deep emptiness and loneliness you feel from months of separation from family and friends during deployment or the residue of years of stress and rigidity taking their toll on your ability to maintain relationships. Questions like “Why do I have to be the strong one?” or “Why do I have to be so alone?” may be haunting your thoughts and pushing you closer towards despairing life.

The signs that you are waging a war within yourself might be subtle, too:

  • Irritability or jumpiness
  • Easily angered and volatile towards loved ones
  • Being distant or emotionally flat and uninvolved with others
  • Feeling that you must maintain a level of hyper-alertness
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering
  • Difficulty sleeping / recurring nightmares
  • Feeling that you do not belong or fit in
  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • Increased use of the Internet, the TV or video games
  • Recurring thoughts of doing harm towards yourself or others

Any or all of these signs are meant to show that you have experienced trauma and are in need of assisted healing.  Seeking out a safe and trustworthy counselor is a courageous step you must take towards starting your healing process.

If you are married, military life can place even more stress on a relationship. Often a couple will face anxiety or emotional distress over separation during deployments and having to deal with not knowing what may happen to their spouse or loved one. Even the time before deployment or after deployment can be stressful and can lead to withdrawing, fights or avoidance of difficult discussions. You need to address your concerns before they escalate and let a counselor help you to minimize the pressures of deployment and life in the military.

At Pattison Professional Counseling and Mediation Center, we understand the rigors of life in the military and the emotional and mental costs of being a soldier or the spouse of a soldier.  With nearly 30 years of experience helping those serving our country heal from the wounds of military life, we can confidently offer you the hope that healing is possible.

Our dedicated staff is here to help you with:

  • Grief from the loss of fellow soldiers
  • Grief from the loss of relationships
  • Grief from the loss of limbs, mobility or the senses
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Sexual assault trauma
  • Loneliness from deployment
  • Reunification after deployment
  • Adjustment to civilian life
  • Marriage and relationships

We understand what you are going through and we want to help.  At Pattison, we have made it easy for you to seek counseling by providing evening and weekend appointments to work around your schedule.  Plus, we accept Tri-Care and Military One Source insurance.

Visit our Start Here page or give us a call today to begin your journey towards healing and wholeness.