Your Marriage

Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend. So what could have happened to change this? There can be a variety of things that affect marriage:

  • Intimacy Issues
  • Problems Communicating
  • Sexual Issues
  • Financial Problems
  • Family Planning
  • Infidelity
  • Jealousy
  • Relations with In-laws
  • Lack of “Us Time”

For those who are married, it can be said that the relationship is the foundation for the entire family. If the marriage is healthy, it tends to show in our children and even our pets. Additionally, there is a world that lies outside our marriages, in our everyday lives that tries to intrude into our home-life.  Everyone encounters difficulties on our jobs, with our in-laws or even problems with our children or step-children. These are events that our spouses can usually help us to navigate. Our spouse is the best one to help us get through these everyday stressors. And this serves to bring a marriage closer together when we have the skills to work together to get through them because, frankly speaking, discussing these problems with friends and family members outside our marriage can often compound these problems.

Needless to say, like anything that is important, a marriage takes work to maintain. Just like a car requires proper maintenance, or school classes that need to be regularly attended, a marriage needs to be maintained. Nothing worthwhile in life can be meaningful without hard work. A marriage is no exception. Like tools are needed to maintain a car, or books are needed to get us through school, a marriage needs tools and skills to help it run smoothly.

Some of the basic tools in your “marriage kit” would be: the art of compromise, maintaining intimacy, planning and decision-making as a couple and, of course, remembering to have fun with each other.

Just like a musician or an athlete gets better with practice, a marriage gets stronger when both parties can work together to make that happen. A marriage is when two people become one. So, if a marriage is moving in the wrong direction, it takes two people to redirect its path.

Our dedicated staff is here to help you keep your marriage healthy. If your marriage has gotten off-track, we can help you learn the tools you need to redirect your path from a downward direction to an upward one. When you work together, each day becomes easier. The skills we can help you learn will soon become second nature. Before you know it, you will have your best friend back. The one you fell in love with in the first place.

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