Psychological Testing

Pattison Professional Counseling and Mediation Center offers a comprehensive psychological testing service administered by our licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Nina J. Gawlik.

At Pattison, Psychological Evaluations or Testing is used in the therapy process to help both the client and the therapist understand how the client thinks, learns and feels.  In many clinical situations, testing can be very helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia or thought disorders, problems with memory, sexual or emotional abuse, behavioral problems with children, and academic problems or learning disabilities. Psychological and Developmental Evaluations can be provided for children as young as three years of age.

Some of the testing available at Pattison include:

Psychological Evaluations:

Psycho-Educational Evaluation:

Psychological Evaluations for Medical Purposes:

Neuropsychological Evaluations:

Forensic Psychological Evaluations and Consultations:

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Our mission at PPCC is to be involved with sympathetic objectivity in aiding our clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their circumstances for the purpose of leading a fuller, richer and more meaningful life.



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