Meet Our Experienced Mediators

Each mediator who serves with PPCMC is a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator and is committed to the peaceful, balanced, and effective resolution of all kinds of disputes. Our mediators are specially trained to act as a neutral third party while encouraging the disputing parties to resolve their conflict.

Our mediators are specially trained and certified with the Florida Supreme Court to provide you with expert conflict resolution services. They act as a neutral third party and are committed to helping you resolve legal issues and family conflicts respectfully and with compassion. Our mediation services are a low-cost alternative to expensive litigation, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.



259 East Oakdale Ave.
Crestview, FL 32539
tel. 850-682-1234
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Fort Walton Beach

7 Vine Ave. NE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
tel. 850-863-2873
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