Meet The Therapy Dogs

Our therapy dogs are trained to provide affection, comfort, and support to all ages of people during times of distress. Therapy dogs are great at helping calm anxiety, lowering resistance, and promoting socialization. Often, they help you to open up about deeper issues, providing a feeling of safety and calm, and providing a diversion to unpleasant thoughts or situations.

If you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression or feel lacking in necessary social skills, our therapy dogs can help you feel companionship and comfort on your healing journey.

Patient Comfort as a Priority

During life’s difficulties, you can count on the staff and therapy dogs at Pattison Professional Counseling and Mediation Center to help you develop new skills and attitudes that will help open new opportunities in your life. To get started on the journey towards finding solutions for life’s challenges, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled and specialized counselors.



Watson is a trained facility dog with expertise in offering emotional support to patients in distress. Watson is a Miki pure breed who is very willing and able to provide support. He lives to be held and serves by providing emotional support. Watson is professionally trained to obey and is happy to sit anywhere you place him. He will ask to be picked up, but that is totally optional. If you prefer not to have him near you, just say “Place” and he will lay down. He aims to please.




Elsa is a trained facility dog and her specialty is helping you during your therapy session. Whether you need her or not, Elsa has the ability to sense it and will provide what you require from her. She is trained to follow commands but loves to play when not working. You’re the boss when you’re in Elsa’s office. If you want her to cuddle you, ask her to sit near you. If you don’t want her to interact with you, the counselor will have her lay on her bed during your session. 



Hypoallergenic trained facility dog

Pasha is a trained facility dog with expertise in love, hugs, and kisses. If you need to be unconditionally loved, she is ready and able. Pasha is a Morkie (maltese and yorkie) mix. She is 4.5 pounds of love, happiness, and joy while providing emotional support. Pasha loves her adult clients who have PTSD and Anxiety. She understands her boundaries and, at 15 months old, continues to learn her commands.

Julie 1 (Medium)


trained facility Dog

Kash is an AKC registered Cock-a-Poo as well as a certified Emotional Support Animal. Kash supports clients by interacting with them or through sitting in silence with them. He thrives on getting love from everyone and reciprocates that love without hesitation. Kash’s mellow personality allows him to be a huge support to clients of all ages.



Therapy Dog in Training

Kodak is an AKC registered Cock-a-Poo undergoing training to be a certified Emotional Support Animal. His specialty is providing support to clients in need by being emotionally attuned with them. Kodak loves interacting with clients of all ages and will sleep during sessions if his services are not needed.




Tucker is an AKC registered black and white-faced Boxer with 3.5 years of experience working with therapy clients. Boxers are gentle, loving and goofy by nature, and particularly attuned to human emotion. Tucker began his career as a therapy dog at 8 weeks of age and looks forward to his work daily. He is harnessed and leashed at all times. If you are comfortable with him, Tucker will sit with you, curl up to you, or lean on you as he looks out the window. Dogs enjoy leaning on us humans. However, if you prefer, Tucker will sit quietly with the therapist through your session. We look forward to serving you.




Joey is a trained facility dog with expertise in offering support to patients in distress. Joey is a Pomeranian with several years of experience under his collar.




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